How long does it take

For people to untangle themselves

From one another

Or is it the idea that I’m tied

Around so many other humans

Nothing but an excuse for not wanting to let go

But let’s imagine I’m a ball of thread

Long and red and easily snapped

Things get too caught to become uncaught

Too dark to become whimsical

I suppose that’s how everything ends up in me

There’s a certain gratification

And sophistication in despair 

Happiness is all but a foolish pleasure 

Tried and tested 

Done and dusted 

Melancholy, however

Is all you will find if you look

Deep enough

We’ve lived here for a year and more

I’ve wrapped my fingers around yours and more

Shared smiles

Shed tears of both joy

And sadness

But goodbyes are a ritual

A tradition we must follow

For all that starts

Must end

But what about these threads

That snap at every pull

I’ve wound myself about you

So softly that I didn’t realise it was happening

Unknowingly I went too far

And now I’m wondering

That all of me was lost

Where I found you

Where my world began or ended

I cannot really fathom 

That I was left dysfunctional 

And led myself astray

Where I got tangled with you

Where I wound around you

Well, almost


A bit too much

Via the Daily Word Prompt- Almost


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