Please Correlate Clinically #2 A Date With Life

You want to make a rapport with the baby, carry enough sweet treats, candies or chocolates.

The unexpected yet believable words of the Pediatric Consultant startled me. My year started with being posted in the best department (biased here, I love kids)- Pediatrics and Neonatology.

You would generally think that adults are more cooperative, easy to examine and can tell about their problems in detail. Children cannot. You need a reliable informant, usually the mother who may or may not get to the point you want to ask about. But, just look at them!


1. I Adore Kids

Raise your eyebrows at them, make some weird faces and you have their attention. I like to believe that babies think you’re a retard and will have an inquisitive, almost quizzical look on their face. Their gaze follows you till you’re in sight or something else catches their attention. If I were not a medical student, I would have opened a creche or a pre-school, yes… Surrounded by babies and kids- That’s the Dream!

2. Easier To Deal With

Almost all of my batchmates disagree with me on this. But, I never encountered any problem examining a child (they love me too, I think). Just give them something to look at, to hold or put it in their mouth and you are good to go. An eleven months old baby couldn’t take his hands of my stethoscope as it was hanging down from the neck. Well, he almost strangulated me, but being an obedient student, I went a step ahead and carried a rattle. While he was busy disturbing the whole ward with his new toy, I successfully examined him and I even got my rattle back while he was sleeping, for reuse tomorrow. (That is how it is played.)

3. Free Entertainment

Children are always a source of entertainment. Their stories, their hilarious way of looking at things and the way all of them start crying when one of them gets pricked (Perfect example of a Chain Reaction), it is all so worth it. I was talking to this 3 year old who came to visit his sick brother (5 months old).

“Do you go to school?”

“Yes, I am in Pre-Primary A.” He answered proudly.

“That’s wonderful, so do you know any shapes?”

“Yes. Circle, square, bums…”

“Bums? That’s not a shape.”

I wasn’t sure what he meant till he drew a heart on my notepad and said that they were his brother’s bums.

“Hmm.. Interesting.”

4. The Greater Good

They say that children are the most precious creation of the Almighty. And indeed, when you treat a child, there is a certain sense of satisfaction that is just priceless. Seeing the parents relieved and taking their bundle of joy home, all hale and hearty and knowing that you contributed to it in your own little ways is invaluable.

Clinging to the fragments of sanity

I try to redefine bliss

Soft bundle of innocence

In sweet slumber on her mother’s chest

Gentle little heartbeats keeping pace

With mine, in mute lullaby

Armful of fresh roses

Dew drenched and fragrant

Chosen and set apart to bloom in a garden

Petals for eye lids and ears

A strawberry nose and a pouting plum mouth

Lips poised to birth a smile

With pearly dimple denting cheeks

Chubby fists resting in sublime trust

Pristine feet in cherubic caress

Angelic infant innocence

Cuddled, cradled and kissed

Sweet snowflake from heaven

You’ve become…

The rainbow around your parents’ hearts

Sunshine in your family’s life

A reality born of a dream

I just wish I could take one home (please?)


9 thoughts on “Please Correlate Clinically #2 A Date With Life

  1. Children are the truly the best creatures in world…and i love them😊
    Discovering the similarities happening miles away in the paeds posting 😅😊

    Liked by 1 person

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