A dagger stabbed right

In my chest

Would have caused lesser pain

I ponder

With my hands wound around

A mug of hot coffee

My legs crossed demurely

Of fear?

Thinking about it

Makes my wounds bleed

Dreams splinter

And an image shattered

My image

I feel desolate

In a world, mad and greedy

Where insanity triumphs

And silence never subsists

The dark shadows gain power

And finally overwhelm me

As my ears

Cease to hear

The rumors, the gossip

Mindless noise

Edged lies

Scary whispers

That ruin my reputation

Take away my friends

Friends? I guess they never were

The coffee is cold

The chilling wind sends

A shiver down my spine

As it brings with it

Voices that never stopped

Never stopped talking

And I wait here

To be free of those frightening thoughts

I wait

For a pretentious redemption?

His need to conquer

The bloody lust in his eyes

Broke me

In a hundred pieces

And the voices that followed

In a thousand more

Sometimes when I can’t sleep at night

I hear his laugh

I see him smirk

His threats to impose

To coerce

Envelope me and tangle me

Throw me in an abyss

Of emotional turbulence

And an incapability

To break free

Of all the chains that

I have…

I have locked myself into

His inability to take a NO

Doesn’t make me weaker

I still have a chance

That my wounds just heal

And my soul rejoin

Into a whole

His desire for what he doesn’t have

His craving for my flesh

Ripped apart

The existence of peace in my life

But if I want

I can fight these demons

Or not

The choice always remains with me

To give up

Or rise

Rise to dispose his power

The power that threatens

For I refuse to be domesticated

And decide to face my fears

With rage and fierceness

For silence never subsists

The demons we have inside us


24 thoughts on “Demons

      1. That’s right.. I thought about you when we went to the doctor the other night because my daughter put a piece of a lego block on her nose, lucky it was taken out immediately. We went straight to the emergency. The doctor and nurses were very nice and accommodating.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I was scared when she asked me, mommy remove.. when I looked at it, I thought I was going to collapse and she’ll die.. scared that she couldn’t breathe. So we run to the hospital driving 100km/!

        Liked by 1 person

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